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Cpl Thomas Hilbert

Corporal Thomas Hilbert – Army – September 7, 2007

He was a small town boy from the big state of Texas. Corporal Thomas Hilbert always wanted to see the world and joined the Army just after high school to do just that. It was a good fit for him, his family will tell you, the discipline and camaraderie evoked a pride and passion in him that was clearly visible to others.

His battle buddies described him as a soldier’s soldier, always doing anything asked of him and doing it with a smile. When sickness struck his group, Hilbert volunteered to go on the mission despite being ill himself. He was twenty years old when an IED hit the vehicle he was driving during combat operations in Mosul, Iraq.

He was a with the 1st Squadron, 9th Calvery Regiment and months away from returning home from combat. His family will tell you if he had a chance to do it all over again, he would go, and he would go on that mission. He is a patriot, serving God, country, and family, in that order.

We thank you for helping us to honor the sacrifice made by those who raised their right hands and swore to defend our country against enemies foreign and domestic. When you run for a fallen service member you are helping to keep their memory and their stories alive. Each Wednesday we will share the story of those we honor – because we are grateful for your commitment to them and we are grateful for their sacrifice.

by Nicole Smart

U.S Army Veteran | photojournalist

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